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Thank you to our supporters

Your donation will go towards things like:



a parent training session on Developing Relationships, helping them interact with their child and to help understand non-verbal communications and body language.



1 hour home/community visit to help families successfully manage challenging behaviours and teach new skills in a variety of settings (home, shops, parks, etc.)



4 hours of small group therapy, focusing on school readiness skills and developing friendships with peers.



2 hours of speech therapy.


Your donations help provide the care, support and resources needed to provide the seven programs for which Little Souls is dedicated too: training and education, oral motor skills, language and development, developing relationships, social inclusion and social skills, daily living skills and school readiness. Supporting families who need it the most.

Leaving a Bequest

Leaving a gift to Little Souls Taking Big Steps in your Will is a big step to take and is a special way to leave a lasting legacy. Your gift will ensure that many children in the future who attend Little Souls will be given the best chance of learning and growing.

For full details please download our 'Bequest Guide' or contact us if you wish to visit the centre.


Volunteering is a great way to support Little Souls. We often need people to help out at events throughout the year. Please visit our 'events' page for more information.

Fundraise for us

Create your very own Little Souls fundraising page in the free GiveNow Platform 'Crowdraiser'. Great for celebrations such as birthdays or you might set yourself a personal challenge such as beating your personal best in a sport or giving up chocolate for a month. The idea is totally yours. Please contact us if you need support and we can help you out.

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