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In The Community

Parent Workshops

Our Parent workshops focus on teaching the skills necessary to better understand your child and the behaviours the may be  displaying. Our workshop also focuses on  ensuring your child is an active member of your family through:

  • Family Routine Development 

  • Behaviour Management 

  • Reinforcement/ Prompting

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Educator Workshops

Our educator workshops offers a wide range of information which is applicable to all areas of education such as early years educators , primary school teachers and private therapists. Our workshops focuses on three areas:

  • Behaviour Management

  • Reinforcement/Prompting

  • Classroom/Home Therapy Setup

To find out more or to register your interest for our next Educator workshop click below

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Home Visits

Home visits involve the observation of  daily routines. We observe any challenging areas, times or tasks that have been brought to our attention from families. Through these observations and by working closely with families effective routines and individualised strategies are developed in line with the child's learning at the centre. These strategies and routines focus on the inclusion of the child into family life and self help . We provide ongoing support and consultation for parents once strategies are in place.

Community Visits

Our Community visits focus on assisting families with outings to places such as hairdressers, swimming pools, play centres, shopping centres and many more. We focus on helping children and parents deal with the anxiety that may come with being exposed to new places and activities. We also offer strategies to help them overcome other difficulties they may experience in these types of environments.

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