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Little Souls Story

As we continue to explore ‘what is autism’ this month we wish to share our very own Little Souls Story from our Founder Robyn Hawkins, her son Ben and the parents and staff of Little Souls.

Ben lives with autism and is an amazing person and has since gone onto University to further his studies. In this film it explains Ben’s journey from the age of 2.

Robyn reflects on what it was that they noticed in those early days of development. The diagnosis and their research in finding out how best to help their son,

“Intensive early intervention was their best chance”

“ABA was the only therapy that offered them hope, the only therapy that had scientific data to back it up, to overcome the challenges that lay ahead” Robyn explains.

Today Little Souls celebrates its 13 years of helping other families, with their early intervention programs that includes one-to-one therapy care as well as social interaction with neurotypical children in a day care environment.

There are many ways to support Little Souls, visit our page here.

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