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Understanding Autism | Why they seem a little different

As we continue to explore ‘what is autism’ this month we found this film that was produced in 2015 but is still very relevant today.

The stories are from the prospective of a friend, a sister, a helper, and from kids with autism.

“Once you learn about what autism is, you get used to it. Because when you have knowledge, you understand. And it’s easy to accept.”

It shares the difficulties and experiences of sight and hearing, senses of smell and taste and sense of touch. All this brings on certain behavioral characteristics, their mechanism of coping.

You might recall in our last post where Dr Jac den Houting’s explained “I’m not disabled by my autism, I’m disabled by my environment” a concept that is defined in this film.

Here at Little Souls, the children with autism are all individuals with their own personalities and their own particular strengths and challenges they are all wonderfully different and unique in their own rights. Together with the parents we work one-on-one to help them reach their fullest potential and we all share the passion and belief in the children’s capabilities.

This Emmy award winning film was part of the American “Just Like You” series and calls for the acceptance and understanding of those living with autism.

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